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For the past few years, I have primarily made work using newspaper, end on, a little like looking at pages in a closed book. This use of newspaper started as an ‘in your face’ reaction to certain political situations. However, over time certain properties of newspaper as a material became more of a focus for me, cycling back to the stories contained in the work and the stories the works  uncover. The paper conjures wood, concrete, paper, rock strata and land. It is used under compression and, like land, this forms its own rhythm and flow, suggestive of movement although static in its present form. Each work has its own story.

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Drawn from nature, newspaper is then drawn back into nature. Newspaper tree trunks and prosthetic branches, sharing the stories they've been charged to keep. Stories both from the trees they start as and the human world of truth, lies, propaganda and opinion branded onto the newspaper; history - the writing on the wall.

Installation views of newspaper tree trunks and prosthetic branches. Contact me for commisssions.

'Branding': Some of my later work is drawn onto with a blowtorch. I love the idea of subverting materials. Instead of drawing onto paper with charcoal I am almost creating charcoal through the drawing process.





BREXAS - A LONE STAR STATE. 82 cm x 57 cm £1250. Contact me to purchase.

As the roots and the rings on the trees offer information about the land over time, the pages of the newspaper are steeped in human history. Newspaper has everything, history, the rhythm of life, land and people fed through the thin pages for all to contribute to and all to feed on.  Recycling paper, recycling news and opinion. Often I leave the paper outside to weather before I take it to the next stage and create 2D work, saving it from fully returning to the earth.

AT STAKE - TRIPTYCH. 67.5 x 77.5 cm each piece. Rebekkah Brooks SOLD. Rupert and James Murdoch £875 each. Contact me to purchase