Tree trunks!

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I realised that from my seated position I was looking up more as I rolled around the woodlands near my home and consequently the artwork that I made was from photographs of these wonderfully drawn lacings of the upper branches and twigs.


cut 8 quad oranges

   double line 2 orange tiny


Whilst the tree tops can weave a filigree fingered dance against a background sky, follow the branches to their core to reveal some intense patterning possibilities.


double line tiny  double lines 2 tiny

I began to focus more on the bases of the trees, the twisting trunks and bitten bark, home to a multitude of busy beings. What I discovered was a whole new potential for design. The leafy forgrounds were also included to complement the arid appearance of the bark. The emerging constellations resembled textiles, tribal tracings and billowing banners. Who knows, maybe next time it'll be all about the roots!


blue trunk extract   mountain cuts middle inverse hues


double line 1 blue tiny

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